The Worst Songs Ever Recorded: #19 – “Let’s Get Rocked” – Def Leppard (1991)

I don’t know if you guys remember but, in the late 80s, Def Leppard was the shit. They recorded that Hysteria record with Mutt Lange. It apparently took forever to finish. But they rode that bitch from 1987 until 1990. Gold records, titties, etc…

Then, after sacrificing guitarist Steve Clark as an offering to the Gods Of Shitty Music, they went back to the studio and put together a bunch of songs that sounded like Bryan Adams’ stuff that was out around the same time. (Waking Up The Neighbors, in particular.)

So as the lead single of the new album (Adrenalize), they chose this. Let’s Get Rocked. The “standout track”. A real doozy.

First, I don’t really have to point out that this song, and especially it’s video, have aged horribly.

Who fucking wrote the lyrics to this weird mixture of sounds and words, anyway? Bart Simpson? It’s “hip” in the lamest way. Like Christian Hip-Hop.

And it’s got that bombastic, douchebag sound that Mutt Lange is known for, post-Back In Black.(Though he did not, in fact, produce this song, but was exec. producer on the record). Shania Twain used it a lot, and more recently a band whose name I refuse to type out on here.

There’s not a whole lot more I can go on about here. Give it a listen and see for yourself. Its bad, y’all.


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