Dear Young People In Moncton: You Live In Moncton


So today they arrested this young lady – Marissa Shepherd. She’s the second person arrested and charged for the murder of a kid named Baylee Wiley (and arson for attempting to burn the evidence by torching the house his body lay in) here in good ol’ Moncton, NB. A place where white kids from relatively good families like to play make believe.

Make believe they’re from the ghetto, pimps, prostitutes, drug kingpins…you name it. They “identify” with the struggle of black people. (Some of them, I swear, have never met an actual person who wasn’t white) They believe rap music is real. All this does is minimize the real struggles real black people have in real ghettos in real metropolitan areas. Not fucking Moncton, NB.

Shit, I used to buy weed from one of those types of hardfucks, and one day he threatened to “punch me out” ’cause I owed him $10 (ten bucks). Gangsta. He was even harassing my girlfriend about it.

Anyway. Every once in a while, shit gets out of hand, and the “game” gets real. I can’t believe I just wrote that.


And for Marissa Sheppard and her doofus partner (Tyler Noel), shit (allegedly) got way too real. They’re accused of killing another young kid. These are not hardened criminals, people. They’re soft white kids who took that shit way too far.

One of the reasons this is finally allowed to happen in our fine city is that we take those kids seriously now, whether we admit it or not. In a pre-Eminem world, wiggers were just a bunch of weed aficionados who listened Ice Cube and Cypress Hill and were often ridiculed and picked on.

As a parent myself, I know it’s tricky raising kids, maaan! But it’s important to encourage your children to use critical thinking. Its really quite easy. And you can start by explaining that music and movies are not real – cause next thing you know something like this will happen again. And can we please start making fun of them again? Please? It would go a long way. Their peers look up to them as real fucking “outlaws”. Then they start really believing it themselves. Then, what do you got?


Look, I don’t know any of the people involved in this personally. I’m just trying to point out that this whole scenario is stupid and was most likely avoidable and, as you may already be aware, society turns to shit if you let it. Looks like we’re well on our way here in Moncton. Clichés are clichés for a reason, you know.


All I have to go on regarding these people (and this case) is the same information as you all do – so I’m not gonna sit here and pretend to know who or what exactly (read: specifics) caused this to happen. I wasnt there. I’m mostly talking out of my ass. But I DO know that this happened because we just allowed it to. And you know it’s gonna happen again. We can’t change people, unfortunately. Revolution begins at home and all that jazz, right?

Judging by the pictures and what we know, these were just some really dumb, impressionable and highly delusional kids who killed another kid.

And there’s a million more brainless, young (mostly white) people out there just waiting for us to tell them to go fuck themselves. Let’s do it.