Local Band Releases First Cassette And Celebrates With Music Party.


Coming up, my favorite local band was Bad Luck #13. They broke up in 2000 (two thousand), playing 1-2 (one or two) reunion shows (maybe) since.

Now, 16 years later, 3/5 of the band have gotten back together (Mike, Ray and Claude) with two other dudes to form Nerve Button. The band seems to be based on the classic Bad Luck sound, but building/expanding on it. Or something.

Anyway, on March 19th they’ll be releasing their first cassette. That’s right. And they’ll be celebrating the occasion by hosting a party at Claude’s house. Joining them will be City Bus Handjobs and St. Elsewhere, both also from Moncton. Starts at 8pm (eight pee em) and it’s $5.

Now you know.