I Can’t Support This

Seriously…”mothers” out there, please stop being friends with your children. It never ends well, and it fucks them up.

I mean, it’s OK to be friendly with your kids, but when you go pick them and their friends up at school during lunchtime to go smoke weed together, you may have crossed an invisible line there. Seriously. It’s fucking creepy.

I understand you probably had a weird relationship with your dad, but stop the fucking madness.

Hey, I like to buck social norms too but come on. Was your life so lame and fucked that you got pregnant just to give birth to some friends? Think about it. Just so that 20 years later you can, without feeling weird about it, walk into your kids room while their having sex with someone (anyone) just to ask to borrow $100 (one hundred big ones) so you can go score some blow. But it’s cool, ’cause you’ll share.