The Worst Songs Ever Recorded: #17 “Song 2” – Blur (1997)

Fuck this song. Just fuck it™

At first, it sounds like a real rocker. But it’s not. What you’re hearing is pretty talented band who, for some reason, dumbed themselves way down for this abomination.

(Note: Blur, in general, were pretty lame – but they’d managed to sustain a certain level of musicianship that was apparently, for this song anyway, flushed down the musical toilet.)

The riff. The “woohoo“. The purposely nonsensical, stupid lyrics. It sounds like something an abused 8yr old Rottweiler would have written.

This wack track was in beer commercials, car commercials and pretty much anything “XTREME!!!!” back in the day. Fucking Jock Jams and shit. They whored this bitch and got rich. And they’re laughing about it, probably, in a fancy English cafe made of gold and frankincense. They (maybe, probably) wrote a terrible song on purpose and everyone ate it up (definitely). And that reason alone is enough to qualify for this list. And to follow through and write a truly timelessly shitty garbage song.

The lead singer for this band, Damon Albarn, later formed Gorillaz, who were/are pretty neat. So, as a palette cleanser, I offer you this: