NEMO: The Legendary Cat-With-Lazers-Shooting-Out-Of-It’s-Eyes Car In Moncton


Behold! For (what seems like) years I’ve seen this car driving around town. He seems to be everywhere at all times. It’s got dark tinted windows. It’s neon green. It’s got the same scene on both sides (cat, lazer, Nemo). No phone number, so it’s obviously not a business. Right?

What’s the deal with that cat? Why and how is it shooting lazers out of it’s eyes? Is “Nemo” the cat’s name? If not, what’s the significance? Is it the owner’s name?

I don’t care who owns the car. I dont. All I want is to know the story behind it. It’s fucking awesome! It makes me happy.


So if you have any info about this hero of the people, or have an interesting lazer cat car story, shoot me a message or whatever.

I must know.