Weed Post #1


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Education is important so that people who don’t understand, can understand that Medicinal Marijuana doesn’t mean you’re getting high and eating Doritos all day. Well, mostly.

Most of the “medicinal” aspect of MM is not from the THC (psychoactive effects, “high”, baked, spaced out, etc…), but from Cannabidiol, or CBD. (No psychoactive effects, medicinal properties). Anyway, you probably already knew all this so I’ll stop there. I sound like a fucking weed nerd.

PS: I’m not a firm believer that MM cures anything that might ail you, but I believe strongly in its effectiveness in managing symptoms (pain, anxiety, shaking/tremors, appetite, etc…), as a gentler alternative to harsh pharmaceuticals, or as part of your treatment in conjunction with modern/traditional medicine.

Ok, now I’m done.

Health Canada
Information on the legal standing of MM and a good starting point if you’re thinking of “going legal” or whatever.
It’s a work in progress. I’ll occasionally post information on the subject. Maybe. If I feel up to it.

Ok. Done. For real-real.