Nerve Button Cassette Release Music Party – A Look Back


I wanna take a minute to congratulate Nerve Button on the cassette release last night at Claude’s House The band played great, and the new stuff is so good (as expected). I’m sure you can get a copy of the cassette at Spin-It or if you know one of the guys in the band I’m sure they can hook you up!

You can also buy it here.

Despite how much they’d play it down, there’s some fucking talent in that band. It’s great to see Mike out again, too!

Also, thanks to City Bus Handjobs, featuring my new favorite person, Colton, on bass. They played and sounded great! The guitar guy is on it! As a reference point,  I’d liken them as early (full-band) Against Me! if they were from LA in 1982. Good energy, great songs; and they seem to have a decent following here. That’s great. We need to bring back Moncton’s legacy as “Punkton” instead of whatever has been happening in the last little bit.

Also, big ups to the man name Todi for being a good host!

So from myself and the other jerks in St. Elsewhere, I’d like to thank all them folks, and everyone else that came out! We had a great time!

Support local music (and all that shit).