I Can’t Support This: My One And Only Donald Trump Post

This is no longer fun to watch. I’m burnt out off it. He’s just everywhere, and has been so for months now. He has small hands and a tiny brain. He’s The Golden Orange. He’s running for President of the United States of America with zero (0) political experience, other than being good friends with the Clintons. He is a racist. He has no grasp on reality. Well, not the reality most people subscribe to. His is a reality (show) where everything is accentuated with gold trim, women love him, everything has “TRUMP” written all over it and Charles Montgomery Burns is not only a real person, but a close personal friend.

The reality is, for all this “freedom” they enjoy, Mr. Drumpf doesn’t want to share. With anyone – so building a wall to prevent Mexicans from enjoying some of that freedom too is totally cool and no big deal. The land of opportunity! Oh, and Muslims! He wants to keep them out too! Except the rich ones. Oh, that Donald!

Just think of how ridiculous that is. Say it out loud: “Simple – we’ll keep them out with a big wall” Don’t it feel and sound ridiculous? A wall, all along the Mexican border. Imagine that. We’ll ban people of a certain religion too. Just cause it’s better that way.

Plus, just look at him. Let’s judge him harshly by his looks, shall we? Just this once?


He’s gross. He’s fucking repulsive. Visually unpleasant. That hair, the orange skin and the way it contrasts with his pearly white teeth, the tiny chubby bands, the slight hunch of his back, that thing he does with his mouth (talking) and the way he wears that red fucking hat. And his voice – it’s enough to drive a person mad. The tone, the pitch. The cadence, or rhythm. Ugh. His limited vocabulary. Fucking gross!

Here’s a juicy one! He once forced himself on and hate-fucked his ex-wife (Ivana) in a fit of rage over bad hair plugs or something. (Allegedly) Cool stuff! You can read about that saga here. And some more sumb shit from his lawyer here. Anyway…

And that’s not even accounting for the fact that he reacts to criticism, failure or perceived disrespect like a spoiled 5 (five) y/o little shit.

“He started it!”  lol

And this is the guy they want to give access to the codes and The Button. USA! USA! USA!

And this affects us too, Canada. Fuck the maroons who insist we should have no opinion on the matter (they exist). This guy is a farce, and I can’t see anything good come out of this. At all. For anyone. (Except Donald Trump, of course) Even if he loses, he’s got half his body in the door – so it’s not like he’s gonna suddenly fade away into oblivion. He’ll be clowning Washington and the American public – Until. He. Dies.

Making America Great Again…lol

Anyway, as you can probably tell, writing about politics is not my strong suit. But hopefully I was able to get my points across clearly.

So, in closing: Fuck Trump and fuck anyone who supports him, makes excuses for him or trusts and believe in him. I’m taking a hard stance on this. Fuck it.

American society has officially been dumbed down to the maximum (100%). Right? I mean, it can’t get worst than this, can it? CAN IT?


Hallelujah, Holy Shit.
Where’s the Tylenol?
– Clark Griswold