Oh. “It Is What It Is”, Is It?

Have you ever been in a deep conversation, or an intense debate, and when one person wants to end it, he or she proclaims “It is what it is!

Maybe you’ve  used this tactic too. When you’ve reached a point in a debate where you either know you’re losing, or you’ve run out of things to say about something, you just whip out an “It is what it is!” and that’s the end of it. Oh, okay! (Pfffft!)

So I’m here to say fuck that. Sometimes it’s not what it is.

Sometimes it’s something else entirely.

Sometimes it turns out to be exactly what it isn’t.

So can we try a little harder to end conversations, arguments and debates properly, instead of hiding behind IIWII?

There is absolutely nothing in this world that “is what it is“. 

Except death.

Happy Mondae!