Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a minute since I last wrote anything. Just doing the stay at home dad thing keeps me busy. When not doing that, I’m doing yard work. When not doing that, I’m doing the band thing. (We’re almost done recording 1-2 demos songs to release into cyberspace!)

Oh, and we have a show on July 23rd! It’s here in Moncton, as part of this Mud City Meltdown music festival thing. I’ll post more info, like venue and lineup, when i find out more.

Now that I’ve got a daily routine down,   I can resume writing about the fuckery that surrounds me (music, society and food, mostly) more frequently. Sorry for the flakeyness (sp?).

In the meantime, you can follow me on the Instagram Machine!

I still haven’t given in to the Facebook thing, nor the Twitter.  Or the Snapchat. Sorry. Maybe someday.

Summer’s started – get out there and get fucked up. Then pass out at the beach. Alone. During the daytime.

Thinking of you,