The Walking Dead – Hear Glenn Die

Didja watch the finale? Did it make you mad? Some nerds took the time to slow down the last few seconds of the episode. This video seems to indicate that our boyfriend Glenn is the one who gets it. But I dunno…could be a ruse. Advertisements

What Happened To You, Nutella?

What’s going on here? Why is there all of a sudden an intense marketing push on re: Nutella, lately? Didja notice? (FYI: Nutella is part of the Ferrero company. The good people who brought us Ferrero Rochers, Tic Tacs and Kinder Surprises, amongst other things.)  Along with Fluff, Nutella used to be a sort of […]

Idiot Suspends Search For Smurfs.

Dear reader, After consulting with my daughters, who are 7 (seven) and 1.5 (18 (eighteen) months), I’ve decided to suspend my search for the Smurfs. Apparently, it’s a “dumb idea” and “really embarrassing“. I thought they’d be into it, you know? “A little concerning” they said. Whatever. I leave you with this:

Do Smurfs Really Exist?

Holy Schick, guys. Hold on to your heavy denim overalls…do I have some news for you. Information that could change the world as we know it. I love a good mystery. But something I love more is discovering that those little blue men, and at least one (1) woman, who until recently existed only in […]