Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a minute since I last wrote anything. Just doing the stay at home dad thing keeps me busy. When not doing that, I’m doing yard work. When not doing that, I’m doing the band thing. (We’re almost done recording 1-2 demos songs to release into cyberspace!) Oh, and we have […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Tell your mom how much you love her. Tell her you’re sorry for everything. About the drugs, the booze, the having sex with her friends, the fire that one time. For destroying every relationship she tried to have after your dad died/left her. For staying at home well into your 20s. For that tattoo. For […]

What Happened To You, Nutella?

What’s going on here? Why is there all of a sudden an intense marketing push on re: Nutella, lately? Didja notice? (FYI: Nutella is part of the Ferrero company. The good people who brought us Ferrero Rochers, Tic Tacs and Kinder Surprises, amongst other things.)  Along with Fluff, Nutella used to be a sort of […]

Wine: The Acceptable Alternative?

Hey dudes and dudettes. What I’m about to tear into here is something that, to me, is one of society’s biggest double standards. We’re often quick to condemn someone who drinks beer every night. Shit, if someone were to drink 2-3 drinks of Mint Schnapps every night, we’d be considering having an intervention. Right? But […]

Weed Post #1

#georgette #kush #whatami14? #medicinalmarijuana #indica #helpswithanxietyanddepression #educate #cbd #support Education is important so that people who don’t understand, can understand that Medicinal Marijuana doesn’t mean you’re getting high and eating Doritos all day. Well, mostly. Most of the “medicinal” aspect of MM is not from the THC (psychoactive effects, “high”, baked, spaced out, etc…), but […]